Bedroom Basics

My first Lifestyle piece on Dishy Fox was My Favorite Place, a post about my bedroom and how I instantly feel calm and relaxed as soon as I enter, despite how messy it can be sometimes.

I wanted to share with you the must-haves that make my bedroom calm and cozy. No matter how many times I move, it’s this list that makes me feel at home.




Pictures of friends, family, important moments, and trips to beautiful places remind me of all the good experiences in my life.  Reminiscing on great accomplishments and happy moments encourage me to continue to reach my goals.



Candles set the mood we all want in our bedroom. Relaxing, cozy and comfortable. They make the room smell great and offer just the right amount of light at night.


Tapestries come in handy when you can’t paint the walls, offering bright color to liven dull, basic rooms. They are also perfect for indoor tents on the weekends.



Seeing my paintings on the walls help me get inspired and embrace my artistic abilities.


Give me all the pillows. My bed looks so warm and inviting with all my pillows perfectly set up, waiting to be laid on and cuddled with. I can lay whichever way on my bed, grab a pillow and get comfortable for my next movie night in.

What are your must haves?



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