serendipity define

We’re sitting at this hip diner, Irene’s, in downtown Austin for my friend’s birthday.

There is quite a big a group of different characters all around, from the nomad who just hitchhiked from Indiana and currently resides at Barton Springs to the Lush who has had too much Rosé, all drinking fancy cocktails with fruit garnishes.

Ever since I moved back to San Marcos, I have been doing a lot more things and meeting a lot more people than I would have back in Dallas. I’m going on hikes through nature preserves and enjoying food I’ve never had before. Above all, I’m seeing how people live their lives in all sorts of ways, whether it’s the corporate office drone or waitressing at a diner or starting a business. It’s amazing how people are more accommodating to their own wants and needs rather than what is expected.

Life is just about doing what makes you happy. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

I just turned 25 and it’s crazy because I am at the time in my life where I can literally do whatever I want. I’m no longer in a relationship, I no longer have a pet that relies on me. It’s a scary feeling at times, but it’s a great feeling, invigorating almost. It’s serendipitous to have lost so much in order to gain what’s to come.


So far, I have successfully received a Bachelor’s degree, I have volunteered with animals in another country, I have successfully lived and supported myself independently, so what’s next?

What is next on this journey I’m in that we call Life?

My “Before I’m 30” Goals:
  1. Save Save Save
  2. Live in NYC for a year
  3. Travel Europe for 2 weeks.

How lucky am I to be in this position in life?


You know, society can make it seem like the road to success is a very narrow path. But you know what? It’s nobody’s life but your own. We can all do whatever we want in this world, I just hope to make it count.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next five years? Drop a comment below!


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