Freeman Charcoal Sugar Scrub

Lately, a lot of face scrubs are adding activated charcoal to help ‘detoxify’ the skin. Activated charcoal is said to purify the skin by removing not only dirt and oil, but outside pollutants as well.


I love Freeman products, so I was excited to try this dual action mask. First, apply the mask to face and neck and leave on for about 5 minutes, then massage into skin with warm water to scrub away impurities.

I love that this mask has sugar in it as well, it smells sweet and makes skin extra soft. I love using sugar scrubs for exfoliating my skin. What’s more, this dual action mask is perfect for all skin types.

After using this product, my face feels smooth and clean without feeling dry. I still like to add a moisturizer after using this product, however, it almost feels like you don’t need to. I really enjoy using this mask every week or so to refresh my skin.


Do you have any skin products with activated charcoal that you love? Drop me a comment below.

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